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Our remarquable presence in the international landscape is underpinned by an extensive track record of active involvement in high-level decision-making circles, addressing global issues, threats, and challenges. Our experience is enriched by our active contributions to numerous track-II workgroups and task forces, led by premier centres of strategic studies. We don’t just observe international trends; we’re at the forefront. With hands-on experience in designing and executing several international development and cooperation programs in partnership with various grantors, our expertise is both expansive and nuanced. Central to our methodology is the constant pulse-check on international trends, geopolitical shifts, and investment opportunities in Algeria. Whether advising on diplomatic strategies, global policy decisions, or facilitating market entry in Algeria, we remain a steadfast partner. 

Development Programs

Program & Project Management.
Monitoring & Evaluation.
Implementation Strategy.
Fund/grant Management.

Investment Facilitation

Local Partnership.
Market Studies & Assessment.
Entry Strategies.
Government Affairs & Advisory.

Global Policy & Diplomacy

Multilateral Cooperation.
Protocol & Cross-cultural.
Geopolitical Risk Analysis.

Analytics & Studies

Geopolitical Analysis.
Market Assessment.
Risk assessment & Mitigation.
Strategic Studies.

Government Affairs

Advisory on Public Affairs
Government Relations.

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