About Us

Who are we ? 

Primefield is a management consulting firm specializing in strategy, international affairs, and global development. Established to address the complex challenges of a rapidly changing global landscape, we combine deep sectoral knowledge with an analytical approach to help businesses and organizations navigate their way to success. Our team harnesses a diverse range of experiences, providing tailored solutions that are both innovative and practical. At Primefield, we prioritize our client’s objectives, ensuring we deliver actionable solutions and realistic strategies that drive tangible results and growth. 

The Primefield Difference 

At Primefield, we believe in the power of prime moments—the critical junctures where strategic decisions shape the future. Our name represents our commitment to delivering unparalleled excellence and transformative outcomes. 

Prime signifies the utmost level of quality and expertise, while Field represents our expansive scope of work across industries. We guide organizations through prime moments, providing tailored strategies and creating sustainable value. With our comprehensive approach and deep understanding of management, strategy, and international relations, we help clients make impactful decisions and achieve enduring success.

Local Excellence …

Primefield operates at the intersection of local insight and international strategy, with a strong foothold in both Algeria and the UK. Our Algerian engagements are centered on providing sharp strategy and management consulting, alongside comprehensive risk management services, designed to advance business performance in a dynamic market environment. We apply a keen understanding of local business landscapes to deliver clear, actionable solutions that drive growth and resilience.

Global Reach

In the UK, our focus shifts to the broader scope of international affairs and global development, with a particular emphasis on International Development/Cooperation projects and Programmes Management & facilitating investment into Algeria. Our approach combines deep regional knowledge with a robust international network to guide organisations & investors through the complexities of the Algerian market. Beyond investment facilitation, our expertise extends to influencing development initiatives across the MENA region.


We envision a future where businesses and organisations navigate global challenges with clarity and purpose. Our role is to illuminate the way, offering tailored strategies that align with global standards and sustainable practices. With PRIMEFIELD, clients are not just adapting to a globalised world; they are shaping it. 

Our Values


We pride ourselves on our agility and flexibility, ensuring we're always ready to pivot in the face of new challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities.


Our unwavering dedication to our clients ensures that we always deliver, going above and beyond to achieve impactful results.


In everything we do, we strive for the highest standards, ensuring top-tier outcomes in every endeavor.


With a mindset rooted in precision and order, we tackle challenges methodically and rigorously, guaranteeing consistent and efficient results.

Younes Bahri - Managing Director

Younes Bahri Speaks


With over 13 years of consulting experience on both national and international levels, Younes Bahri has played a significant role in designing and implementing various international multi-lateral programmes focused on International Organizations and capacity building. These programs encompass a wide range of topics, including strengthening resilience in the MENA region, structured civil society participation, public policy, CVE/PVE, and education.

On the international stage, Younes Bahri is an alumnus of the NESA Centre for Strategic Studies, and is involved in various international “Track-2” working groups, focusing on pressing global issues, including information operations and social media, VEOs, and transnational threats.

Notably, he was appointed as a member of the national expert committee for strategic reflection on civil society capacity building by the Algerian National Observatory of Civil Society. He additionnaly serves as a visiting lecturer in many educational institutions.